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Cyber Security in the current economic and business climate is of critical importance.  Every day we hear a news story about the latest high profile company data breach - in 2018 alone, 10.52 billion Malware attacks were recorded globally and the cost to business of such attacks has doubled since 2015.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and, in our experience, whilst business leaders have to take responsibility for such data breaches, realistically they do not have time to manage this level of detail on a daily basis. 


It can be challenging for businesses to:

Identify their most valued assets

Review cyber spending requirements each year

Align overall cyber security needs with individual departmental needs

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How we differ is quite simple - we address Cyber Security from both a Stakeholder and a Security Professional perspective, ensuring that organisations understand and manage Cyber in this way.

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The importance of Cyber Security

For Stakeholders

Cyber security risks affect the entire company, therefore you have a direct impact on how you can manage risks

It is important that you have the needed resources to take the necessary measures and precautions

  For Security Professionals