Gap Analysis Assessment

Cyber Partners provides a Gap Analysis specifically designed to enable businesses to identify gaps in their current cyber security set up and highlight where to focus their efforts and is based around standard industry frameworks, including


Cyber Partners review and assess your current security including; policies, technical controls and general governance standards.  

The assessment identifies any potential risks and vulnerabilities that you may have, giving you a report highlighting areas for improvement and covers:

• Governance, Policies, Processes and Standards 
• Security Architecture 
• Security Controls and Tools 
• Operational IT Security 
• Monitoring, Management and Incident Response 
• General Security Awareness & Training



You will be able to identify clear, practical, strategic measures to protect your business and identify any gaps in your security posture and your security processes and performance.  We deliver a report that businesses can use
as part of a strategic business plan, to ensure that your investment in cyber security is being well utilised to ensure maximum benefits.