Stay ahead of your cyber threats

As we are all aware Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and, in our experience, whilst business leaders must take responsibility for such data breaches, realistically they do not have time to manage this level of detail and staying ahead of your cyberthreats is a relentless but necessary task.

At Cyber Partners we recognise this, so we are offering you the chance to have a free ‘Cyber Security Health Check’. Just click on the link below and complete the quick survey and we will send your personalised Cyber Security Health Check, and YES, IT IS FREE!


‘Stay ahead of your cyber threats with Deep Instinct and Mitigate Cyber’.


When -  6th May 2021, 10:30am



Staying ahead of cyberthreats is a relentless but necessary task. Although AI and machine-learning solutions have value, they can take too long to get up to speed, giving cybercriminals ample time to do their work. But is there any other way to prevent malicious attacks?

Deep Instinct takes prevention a step further, by taking lessons learned from offline processing to build the brain that gets deployed to the device. This static analysis means that suspected malicious files don’t get downloaded to the machine at all.