Security Posture

As cyber attacks become smarter and expose more businesses to risk every day, it is essential that companies have a clear understanding of their cyber security posture to enable them to become proactive in their approach to cyber security threats, in order to protect their business and ultimately their reputation. 

This means assessing the overall security status and defences that a company has in place to protect it from cyber attacks; including reviewing employee education, current security policies and procedures, as well as existing security solutions.


As the need to protect your business, your data and ultimately your reputation intensifies, Cyber Partners works with your as your trusted partner,

to support your business and your staff.  Cyber Partners' range of consultancy services help you to effectively integrate cyber security into all aspects of your business, from strategy and procedures through to processes and systems.


In order to establish how effective a company’s cyber security posture is and its readiness for managing cyber risks, Cyber Partners first needs to undertake a cyber security risk assessment to identify the points of vulnerability across a business.

Our comprehensive report enables management to see a summary of the effectiveness of your company’s current cyber security measures, prioritising assets in order from the most to the least vulnerable, helping them decide what actions to take to decrease cyber security risk, in order to protect your business and strengthen your security posture.   By understanding where your business is currently most vulnerable, we will enable you to identify which changes will have the biggest impact on your overall cyber security posture, in order to make your business more secure.

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With the support and expertise of Cyber Partners, businesses can understand their cyber security posture, enabling them to address any risks identified in real-time.