Why us

Cyber Partners delivers cyber security consultancy and provides solutions that align with today's agile threat landscape.  Through understanding our customers by using our expertise and progressive analysis of your security posture, we can define a roadmap and a target operating model that will provide next generation cyber security to protect against cyber threats to your organisation. 

Cyber attacks, threat actors and phishing attacks are ever increasing.

It is more critical than ever to ensure defences as well as processes and procedures are in place ready for any attack; your security posture is of critical importance.

We understand that Information Technology and Security departments are stretched more now than ever before, but we deliver to you a platform that is set up and configured by us, but owned by yourselves.

Our proven Cyber Security Maturity methodology will ensure that you will be able to report effectively to board level in a clear and precise manner.

Cyber Partners uses cloud-based solutions and our modular approach allows you to choose the service and response levels that work for your business.

Our SIEM and SOC are UK based, and run on Microsoft Azure

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Cyber Partners Why us.jpg







Our solutions combine machine learning with human intelligence and

Cyber Partners works closely with companies of all sizes, helping them to build, manage and continually improve their IT business systems,

saving time, worry and expense.