Why we are different

As Cyber Security professionals, you may well think that you already have this in place, but many companies over-estimate the effectiveness of their cyber security and struggle to comply with the various standard industry frameworks such as Mitre Att&ck, NIST and CIS.  

Many firms look to technology products and services to meet their cyber security needs, but this is only one piece of the jigsaw; strong cyber security resilience requires a sustained dedication to create a range of strategic capabilities.Over the past year companies have been forced to rapidly adapt the way staff work, with many employees now working remotely. As most cyber attacks start by seeking out weaknesses in employee behaviour,  endpoint security is key and therefore educating staff is vital to protect companies.

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Businesses are often hesitant about spending money on consultancy, as they may not perceive value in this investment. However, our research shows that where companies have carried out a detailed cyber security gap analysis prior to the implementing of solutions, the majority of stakeholders felt that they had a better solution in place.  Furthermore, companies that did not carry out this initial approach admitted in hindsight to having gaps or vulnerabilities in their solutions.